Welcome to the Leadership at KP Learning Portal

At the Keewatin Patricia District School Board, we believe that all staff should have the opportunity to develop themselves as those that serve the needs of our students in our various roles and communities.  Each of us has the potential to develop our skill set to facilitate a shared vision of leadership within our schools and board.  It is important that we promote a common understanding of what it means to be a leader in the KPDSB, while providing staff with a framework for self-reflection and personal goal setting.  Leadershipatkp.ca identifies the practices, actions, and personal resources that describe leadership and helps to connect staff to learning opportunities. For those interested in more formal positions of leadership, you can connect with system leaders through the ID Portal to arrange further discussion about goal setting, or to have feedback on your own personal and professional growth aspirations. This platform aims to be inclusive to all staff in the KPDSB and guide personal and professional learning for ALL staff, including school, central and system leaders.

The Keewatin Patricia District School Board puts students first by creating a culture of learning.

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Download the KPDSB Leadership Framework document: